2008 Pacific Orchid Exposition

Last Friday, Leap Day, we went to Fort Mason in San Francisco, for the orchid show. The blooms were spectacular and the sights along the Bay were lovely when the sun came out for a few hours. Here are some of the best photos of that day.

Crissy Field

We had a long walk from the car park, along Crissy Field.

Fort Mason buildings

The fog lifted as we entered Fort Mason.

Entrance exhibit

An entrance exhibit.

orchids for sale

Phaleonopsis and cymbidiums offered for sale.

spotted phaleonopsis

orange orchid

green ladyslipper

green and purple unknown orchid

pink and white droopy orchid

White sprays

ladyslipper group

two second prize pink orchids

tray of unusual green orchids

yellow tiger

orange bunches of orchids

long brown pod orchids

pansy orchids

tiger orchids

golden orchids

purle and pink butterfly orchids

group of white phaleonopsis

orchid urinal

Larry at Green's

Larry after lunch at Green’s where someone had just walked off with his credit card! It was a free lunch.

The view from Green's.

The view from Green’s.

The wharf near Ft. Mason

The next wharf over from Fort Mason.

night heron

A night heron was spotted fishing.

the Marina

The Golden Gate was filling with afternoon fog as we returned to the car park.