Stevens Creek

By Carol at 7:53 am on Saturday, May 3, 2008

Stevens Creek Reservoir

Once again we hiked the Stevens Creek County Park, on the Tony Look Trail. Tony and his wife Mildred were the founders of our hiking group, and were activists in procuring open space in the Santa Cruz Mountains. They also worked with the Sempervirens Group. The reservoir contained more water than last year, but with no significant rainfall in the past two months, the water level is below normal.

duck family

A duck family entertained us while we ate lunch. We also saw cormorants fishing and a kayaker who used his arms for paddles.

checker spot

We were lucky to see many of the endangered Bay Checker Spot Butterflies feeding on the nectar of this flowering shrub.

sticky monkey

Yellow Sticky Monkey Flowers were in abundance along the chaparral portion of the trail.

Indian paint brush

We saw a few clumps of Indian Paint Brush.

cream colored wildflowers

White Globe Lily above, and Beautiful Clarkia, below.

orchid-like wildflowers

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