Brookfield Trails

By Carol at 3:04 pm on Thursday, May 24, 2007

trail sign

We chose the slower walking group on our hike on the Brookfield trails, in order to closely observe the flora and fauna along the four-mile trek.

Much of the woods is covered in heavy undergrowth of small beech trees and other tree seedlings, ferns and wild flowers, but there are darker areas of evergreens where the pine needle carpet is thick and undergrowth is more sparse.

Green woods

Green woods with rich understory.

Darker, pine woods.

Darker, pine woods.

Forest stream

Forest stream.

red trillium

Purple trillium.

False hellebore or Indian Poke.. (Veratrum viride.)

Foam flower.

Foam flower. (Tiarella cordifolia.)

Group lunch

Our group stops for lunch on a fallen log.


Jack-in-the-pulpit. (Arisaema triphyllum.)

Star flower foliage

Indian cucumber root. (Medeola virginiana)

Early meadow rue.

Early meadow rue. (Thalictrum dioicum.)

Marsh marigold

Marsh Marigold or Cowslip. (Caltha palustris.)

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