Mt. Utsayantha

By Carol at 10:06 pm on Friday, May 11, 2007

View to the east from summit
View to the east from the summit

The destination for our first spring hike with the local chapter of the Adirondack Mountains club was the summit of Mt. Utsayantha, above the old resort town of Stamford, New York. The mountain is the site of a fire tower, once used to watch for blazes in the forests of the Northern Catskills.

On our one mile ascent, we observed some early wildflowers:


spring beauty

Spring beauty


Colts foot

knarled trees in early spring

Knarled trees are still bare, as spring is a little late this year.

fire tower

The old fire tower has been rejuvenated.

view of Stamford, NY

A view of Stamford, New York, to the North.

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