Flowers of Sierra Azul

By Carol at 10:04 am on Friday, April 6, 2007

Our hike this week took us through the beautiful terrain of Sierra Azul, on the Woods Trail, near Bald Mountain and Mt. Umunhum. We had occasional views of lower Silicon Valley, as we walked through open spaces and oak forests. Many varieties of wild flowers, some of which we had not seen before, caught our interest along the way. Featured here are a number of the species that appeared along our 4.7 mile route.

Zigadenus fremontii

Zigadenus fremontii or Death Camus

Tree Anenome

Tree Anenome

Iris macrosiphon or Ground Iris

Ground Iris

Sticky monkey flower

Sticky Monkey Flower

Mission Bells

Mission Bells or Checker lily

Canada violet

Canada Violet

Nuttall's Larkspur

Nuttall’s Larkspur

The rockery

Irene examines the tiny sedum growing along with fern, on a rockery

A closer view of the sedum

A closer view of the sedum.

Blue Dicks or Dichelostemma pulchellum

Blue Dicks or Dichelostemma pulchellum.

The following are harder for me to identify:

German Ivy?

This vine resembles German Ivy, but has white flowers instead of yellow ones.

Foliage a little like Sticky Monkey.

This foliage reminds me a little of Sticky Monkey but the flowers are different.

Guadalupe Creek

Guadalupe Creek.

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