Guadalupe River Walk

By Carol at 5:58 pm on Thursday, March 1, 2007

Guadalupe River Walk sign

Today our hiking group explored a park that has been constructed along the Guadalupe River, starting in downtown San Jose near the Children’s Discovery museum, and extending toward the airport.

wild riverbed

Our walk started north of downtown where the path is bordered by a restored riparian area, designed to support the salmon and steelhead which spawn in the river.

Walking south

As we hiked south, toward downtown San Jose, the riverbanks took on a more sculptured look, designed to please the eye, prevent flooding and provid habitat.

further south

The river winds through the center of town, where it is flanked by tall buildings.

Restaurant high above the channel

Here is a restaurant high above the river channel.

snowy egret in the Guadalupe

Snowy egrets, Canada geese and grebs feed in the Guadalupe River.

Canada geese in the Guadalupe River

downtown river walk

The river walk is attractive to office workers and hikers at lunchtime.

lunch place


Paolo’s, a longtime favorite Silicon Valley restaurant, is now situated on the river.

war memorial

At the end of the trail, we find the Veterans Memorial with soldiers’ moving personal stories, photos and white flags.

palm lined street

Park Avenue, lined with palms.

River Walk mosaic

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