Los Trancos Open Space Preserve

By Carol at 10:30 pm on Thursday, March 18, 2010

miner's letuce
Today, our hikers took to the trails of Los Trancos Preserve, with reports of mountain lion sitings. The predators eluded us, but the views over the coastal range were spectacular, and some of the wildflowers were blooming. In shady spots there were thick stands of miner’s lettuce, pictured above.

There were a few trillium,

some buttercups,

red warrior
many red warriors,

white-flowered currants
white-flowered currants,

white wild lilac
fragrant white wild lilac,

blue ceanothus with bee
blue ceanothus,

hound's tongue
blooming hound’s tongue,

shooting stars
shooting stars,

dainty chickweed
and this dainty little chickweed.

cow parsnip
Leaves of cow parsnip were unfurling in damp, sunny areas,

banana slug
and banana slugs were resting in moist, shady edges of the trail.

All the precursors of spring made today’s hike rewarding, despite the challenges of hilly terrain.

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