Butterfly Conservatory

By Carol at 6:35 am on Monday, August 17, 2009

Here are some macro shots taken at the Joseph L. Popp, Jr. butterfly conservatory in Upstate New York.

Largest moth

Said to be one of the world’s largest moth species.

walking stick

An exotic walking stick.

leaf and frog

Tiny tree frog observing the butterflies from his leaf.

Insectivore plant

An insect-eating pitcher plant.

chameleon's tail

The chameleon’s tail has just turned yellow.

chameleon in green

Chameleon in green.

tattered butterfly

A tattered butterfly.

drinking nectar

Drinking nectar at the feeder.

ating pair

A mating pair.

mourning coat

Mourning coat.

green butterfly

Green on green.

resident hummer

Resident hummingbird pausing at the nectar stop.

black and red

Black and red.

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