An Urban Hike on Stevens Creek Trail

By Carol at 11:06 pm on Thursday, March 5, 2009

The trail

Another rainy day…we chose to walk the Stevens Creek Trail, on the segment leading to the San Francisco Bay. Starting on Yuba Street, in Mountain View, we followed the creek, full of run-off and waterfalls. On parts of the trail, we crossed two freeways and one expressway, followed major power lines, and observed new sections of the trail under construction. We ate lunch at a mini-amphitheater between some Microsoft Offices and the old Moffat Field military base. The trail is heavily used by hikers, runners, bikers, strollers and walkers of all ages.

The creek bed is full

A full creekbed is edged with trees and shrubs just leafing out.

Jim and Larry stop on the bridge.

Jim and Larry pause on a bridge.


Looking downstream at the widening waters.

Enjoying the redbuds.

Western redbuds have been planted along the trail.

More spring green

This trail is a hidden treasure that wends its way through the urban landscape, near major tech corporations of Silicon Valley.

Currants in bloom

Wild currants in early spring bloom along the path.

Freeway art

Freeway art on part of the new connection between highways 85 and 101, framed by redwood trees.


The number of waterfalls increases as we come closer to the Bay.

Central Expressway

Crossing Central Expressway on a pedestrian overpass, we overlook the train and light-rail tracks.

over the bridge

The way home: once again, most of the rain stayed in the clouds until we finished our hike.

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