Basswood Pond and Salo’s Farm

By Carol at 2:20 am on Friday, September 26, 2008

This week the ADK outing took us up near the town of Burlington for a walk to Basswood Pond.

old man of the woods

We started on the yellow trail, walking on roads recently scarred by logging vehicles. This tree spirit rose up near the pathway.

Basswood Pond

At the yellow trail’s end, we took to the road and found the blue trail that led us to Basswood Pond. This view provided the setting for lunch.

wild flowers

Fall wildflowers were at their peak.


Salo's Farm

Our last stop was Tom Salo’s farm, where a unique root cellar and new ponds have been installed.

Tom's pond

The existing, but deepened pond.

New pond with dog, Abby, in foreground.

Abby surveys the new ponds, full of lilies, minnows and sometimes green frogs.

hikers and birdhouses

Hikers prepare to leave the farm, after picking quarts of sweet, sun-warmed blueberries.

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