Cooperstown to Franklin

By Carol at 4:52 pm on Monday, May 25, 2009

Misty Forest

We began our hike on this cloudy trail to Star Field, near Cooperstown, NY. The scars from recent logging operations had left the trail muddy and slippery.

Red eft

Red efts were numerous.

silvery moss

Silvery moss growing near the trail.

When it started to rain, we headed for the car and brunch at the Bee Hive Restaurant, in Franklin, NY. Following a sign for “Botanicals”, we also discovered a secret garden, its venerable lilacs, and welcoming owners.

lilacs in Franklin


A swallowtail had just emerged from its chrysalis and was drying out in the sun.


The perennial collection included alliums and lush ferns.


gypsy wagon

A gypsy wagon decorates the neighbor’s lawn.

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West Kill River at Deep Notch

By Carol at 12:42 am on Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shortly after our arrival in New York, I started a two-week intensive Digital Landscape Photography class at State University College at Oneonta. My classmates include five other seniors (all of us auditing), and about fifteen young college students, who are taking the class for credit. Our professor, Sven, describes the location of our first shoot:

“On Tuesday we will start off with a beautiful hike into the Deep Notch area along the West Kill. Our destination is a 15 foot waterfall and cascades along a creek with moss covered stones and newly leafed out vegetation. The trail is a steady slow climb and is less than a mile one way. Water and bug juice are recommended. This is truly a gem of the Catskills and we will probably have it all to ourselves. ………………. will want to set up her pinhole camera and park here and practice yoga while contemplating peace, for the next month. Make sure you have some bug spray because there are some black flies. I was there Friday May 15th without any bug juice and the bugs were not very bad, I did not however stop to set up a camera and tripod so they had a much more difficult moving target.” – Sven Anderson, Professor of Digital Photography, SUCO, Oneonta

Foam flower on the trail

Foam flower growing along the trail.

The stream

White water.

Purple trillium

Purple trillium.

Little falls

Little falls.

Heaven on earth

A little bit of heaven on earth.

Trailside vegetation.

Hobblebush (viburnum alnifolium) is an understory shrub, resembling lacecap hydrangea.

viburnum alnifolium

Broad falls

More falls.

Pink and white trillium

Painted trillium (trillium undulatum) is listed as “exploitably vulnerable” in New York State.

Deep Notch Falls

Deep Notch Falls.

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