Arastradero Preserve and Lunch Near the Wounded Sentinel

By Carol at 7:44 am on Monday, January 12, 2009

Arastradero View

The first hike of the year: Arastradero Preserve, a nearby park with gentle trails and views of grassy hills lined with large estates and a timbered valley.

We took a trail that skirted this small lake.

Narcissi and mansion

We encountered a large plantation of blooming narcissi, escaped from cultivation. In the distance looms a mansion, typical of this area.

lunch group

Our group finds a convenient picnic bench near the trail. As a bonus, we accidentally discovered a geocache here, and returned it to its hiding place.

wounded sentinel
Our companion for lunch was this venerable eucalyptus, known as The Wounded Sentinel, which presided over this knoll in peace until someone came along with a chain saw. The damage done is more evident in the closeup below.

wounded trunk

park sign

This park sign welcomes hikers with trail rules and warnings of cougars and ticks.

straw bale
The new interpretive center was constructed with straw bales and recycled barn wood.

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